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What and Where is your Soul? (Part 2)

Part 2

That’s why God brings revelation. Some of it you can really get, some of it you have to think about it, but think about it while you’re clean. All right? I’m not even necessarily talking about sin. I’m talking about deposits… Do you know God does things with the layers of your soul? He said: “Don’t leave that part out. That’s the best part!” You can give layers of your soul to Him and He does things with them. Here’s one: You are seated in Heavenly places with Christ Jesus. And when you get born again, they take a layer of your soul, you know what it looks like? A transparent image of you, and it is literally seated already, right now, in Heavenly places. And your soul, down here inside of you is being affected by that, or you still wouldn’t be alive right now sitting in this meeting. So Heaven also can affect you. 

So you do things with the layers of your soul. He uses layers Himself. People sometimes have dreams at night. They think it’s their spirit being taken, but it’s actually a layer of their soul that looks like them. To foreign countries, they preach the gospel in the known language, and people get healed and saved, then they come back, and they wake up, and they kind of remember, but they don’t know how it happened. You gave Him permission. Because you are not your own when you receive Him… 

You are perfectly and wonderfully made in Their image. And the way the Holy Spirit does so much is with the layers of Himself. And you’re going to learn in the years ahead that what you put in there, will make you more effective, walk in more power, receive more understanding. You start sticking revelation in there, your soul is going to prosper. So before I teach you to release the anointing. It’s already living in you. You know you get a deposit of that too? “How does that happen?” You get a deposit put in your soul when you are born again. They take a layer of your soul to Heaven. It is seated in Heavenly places. It’s not a spiritual thing or symbolic. It’s really there. It’s like you being there. And because they take the layer, they put something in you. Do you know what it is? 1 John 2:27. When you receive Jesus Christ, you receive a deposit of the anointing and it abides in you. It abides in you. It abides in one of the layers of your soul. That’s a good thing that brings light, it brings life to you, and power available for you to use it in the earth. And tonight you’re going to be taught how to release it…"

“You got bushwhacked! You’re going to hear about Heaven and earth living in you. And then I’m going to impart even more into you. I’m going to impart the “lightning power of God”. What is that? That’s some of God’s own personal power that you as His child have access to. Because you’re seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. You have access to what Christ has access to. And He is His Father. He is your Father. You have access to use that power on this earth. What does it do? The same thing it did the first time He used it. It kicked the devil out! 

Isn’t this wild? I love God. He had an army, one third of all the angels was the army, and there was nobody to fight. There was no war in Heaven until Lucifer tried to take over. But an army was there! Michael’s headquarters was operating. They were all being trained, and they had nothing to do but maneuvers. It’s really true. They were there. Michael is the captain of the host in Heaven. He has a headquarters. And there’s a lot of activity of them coming and going all of the time. Fighting on behalf of you. 

They actually are brought back and they have to play. God has places in Heaven for angels to play. Because they need “R n R”. You’re there getting your reward. They’re still fighting for you. They’re always fighting for you. The host are. He makes them stop and play. And the other thing He’s telling me to tell all of you: “You got to pray, but you’d better play”. In this season on the earth, we will learn to play if you never did before, you will learn to play! It makes you a better person. The world also has no problem doing their job, and then stopping and playing. There the ones getting all the good vacations. Aren’t you tired of that? Well you’re going to own those places they come to vacation, ok? We are going to play and pray at this time on the earth. You’re supposed to enjoy your life. So you need to learn to play and pray.”

“You need to learn to watch what you do when God said guard your heart, for out of it flow the issues of life. He is not talking about this physical heart. He is talking about the heart of your spirit, which is right here. Right here is where all of the activity takes place in your spirit. It’s the very heart of your being. The heart of your spiritual being. This is also where the heart of God is, right here. His heart is an amazing thing. It’s absolutely beautiful. Almost blinding, it’s so beautiful. It’s what sends the rainbows shooting out of Him. The waves of glory that are living and moving in and out of Him. And so life flows from here. 

Guard your heart, for out of it flows the issues of life. Why would He say guard it if there wasn’t a need? You guard it against darkness coming in. You guard it, so that nothing of the enemy can get into you by the choices you make with your will, which is also a part of your soul. Your soul is of major importance to you. Your will is there. Your mind is there. The things you think on. The decisions you make. Your emotions. They’re either going to be strong, and filled with joy and victory and excitement and expectancy, or the enemy’s going to get a hold of them. 

So you don’t enter into things that hold great darkness. You just can’t do it. You may have gotten away with it in the past, but we’re in an accelerated season. And the blessings are going to start coming quickly. I promise you, they will start coming quickly to you. Your rewards that He said you would have on earth are going to start coming quickly. You’re not going to wait years and years for them. They’ll actually overtake what you actually do, that you would have gotten them for. We’re in that season. 

The consequences are also going to come quickly. That’s so you don’t get off the path and start getting away with getting other things that you used to do. We’ve got to change the way we live. When you chose Him, you chose a lifestyle. You didn’t chose a way out of Hell. You chose a lifestyle. To be like Him. He came to save this world. We have a mission. Save the world. Change the world, and get them saved through Him. So if you say you don’t have a vision or a purpose, that’s it right there. If He didn’t give you anything else, that’s it. 

And He is totally taking every area of society. I absolutely agree about the entertainment industry. It’s going to be turned upside down. They want people to come and watch their garbage, they’d better start changing what they’re putting out there. And they don’t show that stuff in Heaven, and they have movie theaters in Heaven… 

God loves stories. That’s why Jesus talked in parables. I love the whole story thing. He’s writing another story. It will be one of the greatest films every show in all of eternity. It’s us doing the manifested works. You’re going to be in it starring. The world’s going to be looking at you. They’re going to be watching your race, and we are going to manifest for God.”

“This is so simple. We’re going to get rid of anything that was placed in the layers of our soul, and that way your soul can prosper. And you’ll begin to prosper after tonight, because your soul will be healthy. Not only is it going to be empty of that, it’s going to be filled up with God. You’re going to empowered. The anointing going to be stirred up, you’re going to be releasing it. The more you release, the more you get. That’s why it was only a deposit. That right there is the deposit in your soul. You’re just going to keep getting more and more. The more you release, the more powerful it becomes. And then you get filled with the lightning power of God that destroys darkness…

He took me forward in time, and I saw believers doing this? “So what’s in your layers?” …Have you got anything you need to be cleaned out of the layers of your soul? What does your soul look like? What’s in your layers? 

…And you know what happens? When you allow things to deposit in the layers of your soul, you know people say, “It opens the door to the enemy”, you’re actually opening a layer. When you embrace the things of the enemy, or run after that, you open a layer of your soul, and things are deposited in there from the enemy, and that gives him entrance. It’s not about being demon possessed. Everybody thinks everybody’s possessed with something. It isn’t always that. Sometimes it is, but that’s your spirit, not your soul. He wants to possess your spirit, because he wants to get in your body. He doesn’t have a body. We’re made in God’s image. He is not made in God’s image. The devil doesn’t hate you, he is terrified of you. Because you have the power of God on the inside of you and when he sees us begin to operate the way we are, he’s really going to get terrified. 

And the reason why the darkness will get darker is because He’s erasing the “gray” and there’s nothing but light and darkness. Guess what? Let’s do a math thing right here. If He says great darkness is coming on the earth, but then He says, “It will never be greater than the light”. I think that means there will be more light than darkness. Don’t you think so? So stop looking at the world turning all evil and bad and wicked right now, we haven’t even begun to walk in what He has for us. But we will, and if you don’t believe it, just wait and see what happens!

“So right now we’re going to declare some things as an act of your will. Let’s just say this first:

‘Father, I want to be squeaky clean. My soul, I want it to prosper. So I’m receiving revelation, and tonight I’m going to loose anything that’s been deposited in my soul that doesn’t belong to You. Whether a person, a place, or a thing, I’m breaking that. I’m going to send out that layer that I’ve retained, whether it was another person’s soul, an addiction, a traumatic experience, whether it was a person, place, or thing. I’m not keeping anything. So Father as an act of my will, I loose from my soul anything that doesn’t belong to You, that resembles darkness in any way. That keeps me in bondage, in turmoil, in lack, or addictive behavior. And now I renounce any association with any of the people, the places, or the things that I gave myself to, and I call back that part of myself that I gave away. I receive it back in Jesus’ name, so my soul can be whole.’ 

Because I can see in the spirit, I see things living in people like dark matter shooting out of you, like fast!”

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