Friday, October 25, 2013

The Azusa Street Revival

I have found the book "True stories of the miracles of Azusa Street and Beyond" by Tom Welchel to be a fascinating read. Here is a sample:

God was preparing Brother Fox for great and mighty works in India. One lesson he was taught by the Spirit was that you didn’t have to heal people one at a time. He recalled when a sign language teacher brought his class of totally deaf people to the meeting.
“If you want to teach them to sign, why did you bring them here? You’re going to be out of a job because these people are going to be healed tonight.” Brother Fox took the teacher by surprise. The teacher, obviously unconcerned about job security, responded with apparent disbelief, “You’re talking like they are all going to be able to hear.” “They are! They all are going to be healed!” Brother Fox spoke, emboldened by God’s Spirit.
This was a group of around thirty-five deaf people. Without wavering, Brother Fox gestured and told them all to join hands and form a circle. He looked at the teacher standing nearby, and told the teacher, “Evidently you don’t have much faith, so stand off to the side.”
“Now, I’m going to lay hands on this man and start with him.” Immediately, Fox realised that they couldn’t understand a word he was saying, and the teacher was laughing at him because he too understood that they couldn’t hear him. Without hesitation, Brother Fox simply whispered in the first man’s ear and told the spirit to come out. The miracle was immediate. As soon as the once-deaf man could hear, he got excited. When the others saw his excitement and that he could hear, they started getting healed one by one like a line of dominoes—in just a few minutes all of them were healed and the teacher was jobless. Fox had only touched the first man in the circle. From that point on, God took over and allowed His power to flow through the connected hands touching each and every one gathered in the circle. I sat and listened to Brother Fox tell his stories both about Azusa and India and the mighty miracles God used him to perform.