Friday, November 30, 2012

Who was Melchizedek?

In a recent radio interview of Kat Kerr, the following question was asked by one of the listeners: Who was Melchizadek?

Kat went onto explain that God has shown her exactly who he is and what his purpose was. Here is a summary of what she said:

God created a special class of angels before Adam and Eve that had flesh on them. They were part spiritual, part physical. Some of these angels left their positions after man had been created. It was these part physical/part spiritual beings that had physical relations with women on the earth and the result was the Nephilim or giants. One of the roles of these watcher angels was to help educate mankind. These angels had to be visible to the people, otherwise they would not have been able to teach mankind. When Adam and Eve fell they lost the ability to see into the spirit realm.

The flood was sent to destroy these hybrid beings because the became extremely evil.

The angels that caused this problem are bound in hell awaiting judgement. They are not free to roam about. The redeemed will judge these angels because that sin was against mankind.

One of the other purpose of this special tribe of angels that had flesh was to serve Melchizadek. Melchizadek is not Jesus, he is God, the Father's personal high priest. Melchizadek ministered in heaven to the Father, before the earth was created. After man was created, Melchizadek was sent here to represent God and he collected tithes, not just from Abraham, but from many people. There was a temple on the earth where Melchizadek ministered. There were no human hands that served in this temple, but these special tribe of angels assisted Melchizadek in this temple.

Later in this interview, Kat explains what happened when Jesus died on the cross. Jesus first went to paradise also known as Abraham's bosom. This was contained in the centre of the earth. All of the OT believers where kept here until Jesus died and shed His blood for their sins before they could enter heaven.  Jesus preached to all the OT saints and then Jesus went across the chasm into hell and fought with satan for three days and stripped him of his power and authority over the earth. Once Jesus had defeated satan and taken the keys of death and the grave, He was able to ascend into heaven and present His blood before the father. (My comment - this is possibly where Melchizadek officiated over the ceremony where the blood of Jesus was presented before the Father paying for the sins of mankind.) Once Jesus had presented His blood, He came back down to earth and went into Abraham's bosom and fetched all the OT testament saints. The bible says He led captivity captive. He led this OT saints up to heaven because He had destroyed death and the grave.

Melchizadek is still in heaven today, he is not Jesus.

Listen to the full interview (fast forward about 60minutes to where Kat begins speaking)

Revealing Heaven an Eyewitness Account w Kat Kerr (Part 2) Download this episode

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How did the OT priest get through the veil
The veil of the temple was 3 inches thick and if you study out the veil and the history of the temple, you will find that it was the spirit of God that did the transferring. Just as when you or anybody really prays beyond the flesh and enters into that secret place with God so it is with the holy of holies. If you were not holy or consecrated unto God you could not get through the veil. Not once is a high priest killed in the Holy of Holies if you study it out you will find that.
The priest would wait at the veil and God would transfer them from one side to the other by means of his spirit "only" if they were holy and he accepted them because of it. If he did not except the sacrifice the priest couldn't even get through the veil. Its a wonderful experience because the priest had to have blood in one hand on a laver and a incense in the other to sprinkle the blood on the ark and to offer the incense as a sweet prayer from the people. Neither could touch the ground and there is no opening in the veil contrary to belief so the spirit of the Lord did it.