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What and Where is your Soul? (Part 1)

The Temple: Spirit, Soul, & Body 
Sermon by Kat Kerr

Part 1

“So He gave me this amazing message called: “The Temple: Spirit, Soul, & Body”, and of course you are a spirit, most people know we’re a spirit. We have a soul, and we live in a body. 

Actually your soul is part of your spirit. It’s the core part of it. One of the most important parts of your being is your soul

It’s talked about so many times in the Word, yet everybody overlooks it, yet it affects so many parts of your being, your entire being. Your soul is your mind, your will, and your emotions. That pretty much says everything about you right there, doesn’t it? And what you allow to be placed in your soul, will affect your mind, your will, your emotions. When you let darkness enter in, it’s going to affect your mind, your will, and your emotions. And your soul can’t prosper. Now I didn’t know all this about the soul, until He showed me this… He gave me a message called: The Temple: Spirit, Soul, and Body, and how those three things represent the Trinity. We are made in Their image and after Their likeness, and they’re all each different beings. Jesus is God in the flesh. Your body represents that. God come in the flesh. Your spirit represents the Father. He is the Spirit, and the Father of spirits. But your soul, represents the image of the Holy Spirit. 

And He said, “I’m going to show you a revelation that many people talk about. They don’t understand…” (that’s what revelation does -- it reveals), He said: “Everybody wants to know how can the Holy Spirit be in Heaven, be on earth, and be in us, all at the same time?” And the Father said: “Because He is a layered being.” He has layers, unlimited layers of Himself. Not like stacks of paper. And I don’t like to use this, but it’s the only thing I can think of, it’s like an onion (which is very spicy). If you took a layer of an onion off without cutting it, it would sit there by itself, like a round whole, right? It would look just like the onion, but it would be a layer of it. Then there’s another layer, another layer, another layer, but it’s still all an onion. (He said He likes a “tender, flakey, biscuit better!”). He actually said: “Why don’t you use a tender, flakey biscuit? That sounds so much more appetizing!” And if you don’t know the Holy Spirit, you’re going to find out about Him. The Drama King. The call Jesus the “King of Kings”, and He is The Drama King. 

And so He is a layered being and He began to explain to me that when He sends a layer of Himself somewhere, it is a “whole” of Himself, because He’s God. It doesn’t matter how many layers He sends somewhere, everybody here, you could be filled, the infilling, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, means He sent a layer of Himself into you when you got baptized in the Holy Ghost. Why do you think He calls it “baptized”. The infilling means He sent a layer of His being, and it lives in you, and that makes you the temple of the Holy Spirit. Is that cool? That means He’s there. He’s with you, 24/7. And He moved in.

“And so that’s why your soul has layers in it, and it represents Him, because He can send a layer of Himself wherever He wants to.

In the earth, over the earth. In every one of us. He still has unlimited layers, but everyone of those is a whole, and that whole is aware of everything. It goes on, all at the same time. Your soul has layers in it. It has layers, and you deposit things in those layers. And many people who struggle to get healed or delivered of things like addictions, or other things like that, they don’t understand why. I used to deal with that a lot. I did deliverance before, in prophetic ministry. And I knew, I would tell people, “Break that tie. Break that soul tie with that person.” But you can make a soul tie with a person, a place, or a thing, because you “give yourself” to it. The Word says “Give yourself to God”. It talks about you giving yourself to darkness. You give a layer of your soul to darkness, and they have the right to torture that. And people have nightmares and dreams. That’s inside. They don’t know why. It’s because they need to get that out of their soul… Anyway, the spirit represents the Father, I’m just going to go back there for a minute. He is light. Our spirit is made out of light. But your soul also, because it is a part of your spirit, the core of your spirit has light in it. And the way you become light in the world, whatever you join yourself to, a husband and wife, you give a layer of your soul to each other. That’s what binds you in marriage, by the way. The ‘bonds of marriage”. You’re bonding together. That’s how that happens.

“Some people understand about breaking the soul ties. If it’s an abusive relationship, you have to break that. What people do, is they call back that part of themselves they gave away, and send away the part they retained of that person. What they don’t understand is, it’s actually a layer of your soul that you give them to each other. And that’s why it talks about in the Bible, certain sins are worse than the others because of what happens when you do that. You’re giving a layer of your soul away. 

You don’t sell your soul to the devil. You give it to him. It’s true. You give yourself to drugs. You cause a “tie”. You cause a tie. That’s an addiction. You give yourself to that. And He said: “The reason people have a hard time breaking that, is because they may have walked away, they may have gone to recovery, they may have had prayer, but that has to be loosed from here where you deposited it in the layer of your soul.” Because you embraced it at one point in your life. You embraced it. And there’s places you can also be addicted to, a place. 

You create a tie with that place, and it has to be broken. It can even be a traumatic situation in your life, where you embrace that trauma you had in your life, and it affects you for the rest of your life. And I actually just prayed with somebody who, like two weeks ago, and she was so free. She had two abusive marriages, and wanted to be free. She said the torment’s still come to her. But it was inside her, and she didn’t understand it. She didn’t understand how it could be. I said, “I know exactly what it is, and we are going to get rid of it.” Because you have to loose that. 

The keys to binding and loosing have to do with your soul. When you take an offense, you’re taking it. You’re binding that to you. 

And when you bind it to you, it’s bound in Heaven, because you made that decision. You bound it. When you loose people from offense, and you loose that from yourself, it is loosed in Heaven. It can’t have any hold on you. I don’t care what it is. 

This is what the Father revealed to me. You can be free of anything, even cigarettes. People fight that all of the time. Believer’s fight it all of the time. I can’t get rid of it. It’s because they allowed the deposit of that addiction to be placed in here, and you have to loose it from yourself. You do it yourself. It’s with your will. Because some of those things, if you keep them in there. You see, God wants His people clean of everything, so you can be filled with the glory, and that power of God. You can stand there and say, “There is no darkness in me!”. 

When you run after witchcraft, and the movies, like Harry Potter, I’m just going to say it, the Father said: “The world is drunk on the wine of Harry Potter witchcraft”. And you may not know this, but they sell spell kits now. And your kids can buy them, and they can learn spells in this book, and they actually have magic wands and stuff, to learn how to cast spells on people. If you read all of the books in the public library, they give your kid a certificate that says you just got awarded Witchcraft 101. The enemy is using it as seeds. And so when you enter into that, a deposit of that is placed right here. He’s seeding people to receive the lying signs and wonders which are not here yet. And the reason he’ll have to use the lying signs and wonders is because they’ll know there’s a God. Right now, that’s what he uses. The lie that there is no God. 

Well, when we wipe that lie out, he’s going to have to come up with something new, because no one’s going to believe him! They literally at one point will not believe that there is not a God, because they’ve seen Him manifested everywhere all over the earth. These people handling the wealth, doing the rescuing, walking in power and authority, stopping the earthquakes - putting them back the way it was before it came. He is going to manifest everywhere in this world, until they know there’s a God. That’s with the knowledge, that’s knowing, understanding of the glory; that’s God’s power on us, we’ll cover this earth like the waters cover the sea, so they’ll know He is real. So he can’t use the lie anymore, so he will come up with the lying signs and wonders. And one of those is, that there is good witchcraft and bad witchcraft. And you can be a part of this “good” coven, I’m telling you it will happen because He showed it to me. You’ll be a part of this “good” coven where they practice “good witchcraft” and heal people, and raise the dead, and “We’re not bad”; “Do you know who we are?” “You’ve been watching us all along.”

“And the people who have received that have seeds in them. You know what happens to seeds? (We’re going to pluck any seeds out today!) He said: “You’re going to get them free. Get the layers of their soul cleaned out.” And you may not believe what I’m telling you, but I’m going to show you in the Word where it talks about it. It talks about in the Word, where your soul can be “vexed”. That’s what happened to Lot. He was around so much darkness. Your soul can be sick, can be vexed. It can be whole. It can be fruitful. It can be joyful. It even can find rest, and it says it can be clean, through truth. Obeying the truth. That’s what the Word says…” 

So today we’re going to do that, and I’m going to show you why so many believers aren’t prospering right now. Because they have allowed things. This is what Father told me: “Whatever you enter into, will enter into your life”. And I knew He wasn’t talking about being possessed… It is because whatever you enter into, will enter into your soul. Whether it’s light or darkness. He wants you to deposit light there. Then you become brighter. When it says, “Don’t hide your light”, the way you hide it is by depositing darkness in there. And a lot of the body, unfortunately, are running after vampires and witches more than they are God. And they’re depositing a lot of darkness in their souls. And they may say there a believer, and they may be a believer, but guess what? They’re not going to be able to do very much for Him. And they’re not going to be prosperous, because the Word says this: “I desire above all things, that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers” - right there. And people don’t understand the second half. Your soul can’t prosper if it’s filled with things that shouldn’t be there. 

And so God’s bringing revelation about your soul. Today we’re getting that all cleaned out. And I don’t care if it was even something you experienced even as a child, a traumatic thing, for whatever reason it was embraced by your soul, you can’t get the memory out. It won’t go away from you. You have night torments and dreams. They will stop. After today you won’t have them anymore. Because guess what? They’ll be none of him in you. That’s what the Lord meant, when He said: “There’s none of him in Me”. He never embraced any of that stuff. He got filled with light. With the presence of God. With the power of God. And that’s what we’re going to be, when we begin to manifest for Him. So right along, God always brings that instruction, edification. If we need a little correction, is because He loves you, and so He’s bringing that to you. You’ve got to have the whole meal. Then you get the desert. You get to demonstrate.

“Because He said right now in this season, there is a window of revelation. Then there is a window of preparation, a short window of time for you to get yourself in order, because it’s accelerated. It’s not going to take you very long, and then the whole rest of the season will be demonstration. Amen?!

So I know you may be still trying to understand some of this, but it does talk about in the Word, your soul being sick. That you can give yourself to something. It says, don’t give yourself. Don’t mix the darkness with the light. How does that happen? It happens in your soul. And everything you put in there is going to affect your mind, your will, or your emotions. Which is what you’re going to be manifesting with. You’re going to be manifesting with what’s coming out of you. 

What you choose is your will, an act of your will. You’re manifesting that. Your emotions you give, whether it’s joy, victory, edification, excitement, expectancy is going to come from your soul. If it’s doom and gloom and depression, oppression, lack, and fear, that also comes from your soul. So we’re plucking all of that junk out of there today, so there isn’t anything left in you. Do you agree? 

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