Saturday, September 15, 2012

Insight about the Holy Spirit

Kat Kerr's Facebook Comments:

Holy Spirit does have a body, but He is invisible except that blue fire surrounds His being which gives Him an 'Appearance' in the Throne Room. 

He usually stands on the left side of the throne and sometimes changes His size. They , in Heaven, call Him the Drama King! 

Sometimes He does wear clothing with a kingly hooded cape or cloak especially when He rides His horse, Thunder. 

Many times He will ride when Jesus rides Lightening across the universe! 

People think of Him as an 'it', but He is also God, part of the Trinity! 

He is a layered being with unlimited layers and when He sends a layer of Himself, it is a whole of Himself. That is how He can be everywhere all at the same time. 

When He 'in dwells' us or we receive the in filling of the Holy Spirit; He sends a layer of Himself into our being (which is a Whole of Him), we actually become 'the temple of the Holy Spirit'. 

When we are born again, He comes 'alongside us'. BUT when we are FILLED, we get a WHOLE of Him. 

COOL isn't it, I love it when Daddy catches me up and reveals HOLY mysteries like this!!!

Holy Spirit loves the Arts, it's His favourite way to express Himself. Many times I see colours swirling around Him, like a whirlwind and He also travels in music and frequencies. 

He is about to explode with the Power of God on this earth, through every Media and form of art. Be 

EXCITED because Holy Spirit Loves those who are Hungry for TRUTH concerning the spirit realm - which does NOT belong to the enemy, it was created by our Father!!!!

Keep pursuing To KNOW the Trinity and you shall MANIFEST them! 

In Heaven, I would be considered 'normal', so many of the Body must catch up and LIVE like Heaven is real. 

It's not complicated, just fall in Love with Jesus and He will show you the Father. 

Love people for them, meditate on the written Word and Holy Spirit will breathe on it and it will come to life! 

Be like a child and TRUST Father no matter what! They will make their abode with you!

(My comments: Paul commands us to be filled with the Holy Spirit, this is not only a subsequent experience to salvation, mentioned in the scriptures as the baptism in the Holy Spirit, but it is something we need to maintain through singing psalms and spiritual songs, meditation on the word, seeking God continually, being prayed for, fellowshipping with other Christians, being in places where God's presence is manifesting. Remaining filled after the baptism in the Holy Spirit is essentially keeping open the flow from our human spirit into our soul and into our body. 

At salvation, our human spirit is recreated, we become new creatures in Christ and get reconnected to God. Then, when we are baptised in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit comes to live in our spirit - these are two unique experiences that do not automatically occur at the same time. 

The challenge comes in the soul area because the soul regulates the release of the Holy Spirit in us. The river or fountain in our innermost being is the Holy Spirit who has come to live in our human spirit. This river flows through the 'umbilical chord' also known as "the thread of life" that connects our human spirit to our soul which is connected to the body.  When we die, the part of the thread which connects our soul to the body detaches from the body and then the soul and spirit become freed from the physical realm to either enter heaven or hell, depending on whether we accepted Jesus as our Lord and saviour. The attachment of this umbilical chord is believed to be physically in the area around our human heart where we have a "mini brain". The "mini brain" around our heart is connected via nerves to an area in our brain known to be where our conscience resides. The soul is like a valve that restricts the flow from our spirit into the soul and then into the body. As our mind is renewed, as we worship God, it is our mind and then soul that opens the valve to allow the flow from the spirit. If we do not open that valve, the the flow is very restricted, we limit the infilling of the Holy Spirit from our spirit into the soul and then body. Our imagination and thought life are the means by which we contact the soul and then the spirit. Thoughts are directed at our minds from two external sources and one internal source i.e. the internal source is our own thinking, then thoughts come from the enemy and from the Holy Spirit. Our thoughts release power spiritual power as they move across from the mind to the soul and then the spirit, either for the enemy to work through us, or for God to work through us. 
(when the bible refers to our heart it means our innermost being or our soul and spirit)

When thoughts are combined with words, the power level is greater. Spoken words are essentially the amplification of our thoughts. When imagination, thoughts, emotions and words line up and you direct them with your will and add desire, these are the essential ingredients of belief. When belief transfers over into your spirit through the umbilical chord that joins your soul and spirit, faith can then be released. Faith operates from your spirit).

The more we meditate on the scriptures, the more the Word of God will help us discern the separation or distinction between our soul and spirit. It is important to understand and be aware of this distinction. We need to be led by our spirit which is being guided by the Holy Spirit. If we do not have a clear experiential understanding of the difference between our souls and our spirits we will be confused by our own desires and thoughts and those from God. This is why Paul says in Romans 12 that we must present our bodies as a living sacrifice, then renew our minds and only then will we be able to discern God's will. The Holy Spirit never leaves our spirit unless we completely reject Jesus and force Him to leave. This is the unforgiveable sin. The Holy Spirit will never leave us nor forsake us by His choice. When we feel far from God, it is simply because sin or lack of spiritual growth has closed off the connection from our spirit to our soul and body. If we keep that channel open and make it wider and wider through meditation, the power of God, His presence, His voice, His blessings will become more and more apparent in our soul and body - this physical realm. The channel or umbilical chord between our spirit and soul grows as we feed our spirit through meditation on God's word. Spiritual growth does not occur through educating the mind with knowledge about the bible. Spiritual growth can only occur as we meditate on God's word and allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate it and it then becomes fresh bread which feeds our spirit man. Spiritual growth is also dependant on doing the word and exercising faith. Obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit is also linked to spiritual growth. We can also only fully mature when we walk in our pre-prepared destiny.)

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