Sunday, September 16, 2012

Insight about angels

Here are a few short clips joined together where Kat Kerr speaks on various topics. These clips give great insight:

Below are some notes that I was taking while watching them:

Your guardian angel is assigned to you at conception and it stays with you, your entire time on earth and escorts you back to heaven when you die. You originated in the Father's heart in heaven and chose to come to earth. When conception occurs, God knits your spirit onto your body - He attaches it. When your body dies, your spirit and soul detach and return to heaven if you accepted Jesus.

Guardian angels defend you to the very end. They protect you at all costs. There are demonic beings continually trying to distract you, and your angel works continuously to protect you.

When you are given assignments from heaven, additional angels are assigned to you to assist you to complete these assignments.

There are scribe angels that record everything that we do. There are also messenger angels that bring specific messages from heaven. There are angels that bring body parts from heavens storehouse for people who receive healing.

Angels are not the only spirit beings that know where we go and what we do. The demonic realm also can see us and watch our every move. Demons know what we are watching or looking at. The enemy is continually plotting things against us. The things that we do will either draw heaven into our lives or hell into our lives.

We must understand that the real you is a spirit being. Our physical body is a temporary earth suit. When we die, we will go to whoever we belong to. If we have accepted Jesus and by faith received His forgiveness of sins through His shed blood on the cross, we will go to heaven and experience glorious and wonderful things for eternity. If we have not accepted Jesus as our saviour we are taken by the demons when we die straight to hell. 

Our spirit beings have all five senses of taste, smell, touch, hearing and seeing. Our spiritual senses are actually much more heightened than our physical senses. We also have all our memories from life on earth. One of the worst sufferings that people have in hell is their regret for not accepting Jesus. They realise how stupid they were but its to late. There is no hope once you are in hell, you are lost for eternity and will suffer for eternity.

In the spiritual realm, there are not only spiritual beings, but there are spiritual places as well. There are spiritual kingdoms that have been built by the enemy which are controlled by demonic forces. Some of these kingdoms are on the earth, some are under the sea and some are in the air above the earth. Hell is below in the centre of the earth and there are portals around the earth where demons come up from hell and roam the earth. These portals are created through the establishment of evil on the earth which are strongholds the enemy has in people. The enemy establishes himself through controlling people on the earth.

When Christians begin to pray on earth the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. As you pray in the spirit, out of your mouth comes a sword. This sword begins to form while you are praying and when it is fully developed by your prayers, the angel of the Lord will take this sword and go and fight the enemy on behalf of what you have just prayed for right then. This is the right way to live your life. 

As we speak the Word of God in prayer and loving kind words towards others, out of our belly will flow rivers of living water. We can bring heaven or hell into our homes through what we speak.

BUT, when we say bad things about people, gossip, say negative things we empower the enemy in the same way that our prayers empower the angels. Out of your mouth comes a cesspool that the enemy feeds off. This cesspool is as real as the river of life and empowers everything that is evil. Believers and non believers alike can empower the enemy with their mouths i.e. by what they say. The power of life and death is in your tongue. 

So please choose life because when you don't, you are choosing death by what you say. You allow the enemy to come into your life and into your home and if you do not repent of saying those words, that cesspool will not go away. Demons will come and swim in that cesspool and you have invited the enemy to come and move into your life.

The Word of God says that blessing and cursing should not come out of the same fountain. That is talking about your mouth. That is talking about the things that you say can affect your life, your families life, your finances, your body, you need to speak the right things as the book of James admonishes us in Chapter 3.

The enemy wants you to say the wrong things because this opens the door for him into your life and empowers him to do evil and bring destruction. Even when strife starts, it is a demon that looks like a tiny spider with a human head and when an arguments starts it will jump on your shoulder and prick you and give you the words to answer back to that person and when you respond and say the words that the enemy whispers in your ear it gives the enemy power through your words. The demon then jumps to the other person and stirs him/her up by suggesting words for them to say. If they respond, pretty soon hate is coming out of your mouth and you are swimming in a cesspool of the demonic realm. All domestic violence starts and ends this way. If the demons are allowed to run their full course words like "I will kill you" eventually get spoken and before long someone gets killed. That then becomes the ultimate victory for the enemy. Many times when the police show up on the scene of a murder and start questioning the killer, he will sometimes say "I don't know why I did that". It is because the killer gave themselves the enemy with their words and let things run unchecked - words set the course of your life.

Don't let people gossip or backbite around you. The angels collect your words. Not just the words you speak, but the words you allow to be spoken in your presence. Because the Word of God says that whatever you allow in your presence, you are approving of it. 

We all need repent of the words we have wrongly spoken, wipe them from our record and start a new. Speak words of life to one another.
The same thing happens where hell lives or operates e.g. you watch a movie that is inappropriate e.g. contains violence, witchcraft, sex, blasphemy and foul language. The enemy builds a spiritual ledge in the air above where these movies are being shown whether at home or in a movie theatre. Whilst you are exposing yourself to this movie, the demons vomit a green slime on your spirit which marks you and releases a spiritual odour that attracts other demons to you like flies. When you walk out from watching that movie, every demon knows what you have done because you have been marked and they hunt you down and try to get you to fall again and again. Each time you fall, more green slime is deposited on your spirit until no light can emerge. You can't hear heaven, you can't hear yourself, all you can hear is the demonic thoughts and suggestions coming into your mind and it causes you do go into a downward spiral. You start doing things you never dreamed you would do. Your conscience becomes seared and sin starts to feel acceptable. You need to be aware that the enemy has plans for you and they are not good. They are only for your destruction. The enemy comes to kill steal and destroy you and your life and those around you.

Live your life like heaven is watching because they are, and there is a real invisible spiritual world around you.

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