Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Prophecy for Australia by Kathie Walters

God began to talk to me about His call on Australia. He said, "Kathie, Australia will rise up and declare and demonstrate to the nations, 'CHRIST: THE SERVANT KING.'"

Then tears started to flow down my face (if you know me, you know that I am not a "crying" type of person). I saw a servant's heart -- full of life and joy and serving.  Then I saw a crown descend from heaven and it rested upon the servant's heart. Then I saw a mantle which looked like purple and red, deep velvet, and the words "Dignity and Power" were written above the mantle. Then people were running and there was so much joy and POWER.
They ran across Australia and they ran to other nations -- many had green flags which they carried over their shoulders on  NEW LIFE -- a move of God coming out of Australia    

It's interesting that when Australia hosted the Olympics last time, people came from all over Australia to help and serve those visitors from all over the world.
Australia is the only nation that had 80% of the volunteers actually show up to serve
Other nations asked them afterwards to show them how to serve and host in the same way.
I saw New South Wales, and it was covered by a brown blanket. I know that blanket; I've seen it before. It's a spirit of "False Responsibility" -- a religious spirit that makes people try and do what only God can do. Striving and "trying" takes you out of the Spirit realm and into the flesh-- He is a spirit of rest. (If you want to understand more on that, get a copy of my CD "Getting free and Living in the Supernatural" from my website) But I saw angels lifting the corners of the blanket to peel it back. When the heavy religious spirits go, then the LIGHT SHINES AND THE JOY COMES BACK.

Smith Wigglesworth prophesied that the last great move of God was going to come out of Australia.

In the Hunter Valley I saw angels setting up an encampment Tomorrow (Wednesday 18th Jan) there is going to be more angels released into the encampment. I believe there are other angelic movements happening in other places in Australia right now and in the following months-
 Christ - the Servant King is the gift of God that Australia will reveal to the nations. His power and anointing and kingly crown rests upon the servant heart.

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