Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Im sitting here in Sydney on holiday thinking about how amazing God is. Luke has been assigned to share a house with 7 other fellow students all studying at Hillsong College. I received a call from my cousin whom I have not seen for about 10 years. He runs a bakery in Sydney and named his youngest son after my Dad. It so turns out that his house is 1km away from where Luke will be staying. His son Ben regularly walks to the Ice-rink owned by Hillsong adjacent to the church. Hillsong hire many homes around the area, but it amazes me that Luke gets assigned to this particular house. It gives Riana and much peace of mind knowing that family is nearby if Luke needs anything.

Our time here in Sydney has been such an enjoyable experience. We have been so welcomed by other South African families who have never met us, yet have invited us to their homes and put on a huge braai with boerewors from the local South African butcher in St Ives.

Friends whom I have known since primary school, living here have had us over for supper and it has been a joyous reunion.

This city is very efficient, well organised, safe, clean and a pleasure to be in. I find the Australian people very laid back and friendly, helpful and have been amazed at the general honest behavior. There have been occasions when I paid for things and gave too much money, or offered to tip a taxi driver. The attendants would hand back the extra money and smiling and say this is too much. The taxi driver refused to take a tip saying I have paid enough.

My boys comment how amazing it is to stop at a traffic light and not be accosted by people begging or selling things. We only once have seen a homeless person in town and we have not seen a single beggar so far.

Traveling on the trains is a pleasure. People are well behaved, friendly and polite. The trains are on time, clean and easy to use. They are safe, my boys travel to gym on their own with "no worries mate".

The political landscape is so civilized compared with the circus of corruption and foolhardy nonsense that goes on in SA. The newspapers are actually readable with out being dominated by crime and corruption.

The economy is strong, there is an abundance of jobs. Anyone willing to work will find it. Luke, straight out of school, a foreigner with a student visa, allowed to work 20hrs per week has already got several job opportunities. A South African who lives here, friends of the owner of the house where we are staying phoned to offer Luke a part time job.

One gets a sense of feeling, phew, I didnt know that one could relax like this, not stressing that when you park your car somewhere, you cant leave anything in sight incase the window is smashed and items stolen. You can go on the trains not feeling threatened at all. One can walk around town feeling relaxed. People go to the beach and leave their things whilst swimming without worrying that they will be stolen. You dont have to sit in a restaurant and hide your wallet and attach your bag to the leg of the chair in case someone grabs it as they pass by.

I lament for South Africa, especially when I read about Zuma sacrificing a bull to the ancestors, or listening to Malema's rants, or looking at accident deaths on the roads, or think about how the infrastructure of the country is deteriorating, or how tenderpreneurs who have struggle credentials get awarded massive tenders, the corruption, BEE, quotas for university entrance. South Africa has become very hostile for white people, especially youngsters trying to get established in life.

It is a fact that no earthly country or government is perfect, we are pilgrims on this earth, we all have a special assignment from God and we need to find out what this is and follow it. Personally, I believe that one of the ways I can contribute back to our beautiful country and nation is to assist with improving education. I believe that this is my mission and is the primary focus of Umoya Networks. It is this passion that will keep me in South Africa, it helps me look above the noise, the poverty, the violence, the corruption, the crime. I believe that when people are properly educated, they will make wise choices. I believe that when the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented without religion, but in the power of the Holy Spirit with the demonstration of signs and wonders, people will take it seriously and see Jesus for who He really is. For the most part, religion, churches and even Christians have not done this and as a consequence many would be believers have been turned away. It is time for the true body of Christ to rise up and make a difference. To declare the Word of God in power, to expose false religion and dead religious activities and show people that this is not what God intended, we must demonstrate in love, the power and the truth of the Gospel.


  1. Agreed; it is a safe and relaxing place, but I can't help feeling that things are too easy here. Everyone has so much and most people will never know the poverty of their fellow human beings in poorer parts of the world. It feels like one is cut off from reality, removed from the pangs of the suffering of humanity.

  2. That is an important observation you make Dave and one of the reasons why we still live in SA. I have felt strongly that God wanted us to stay in SA, even though we had many opportunities over the years to live and work in other countries. Though we did have some seasons of working overseas, it was never for the purpose of leaving SA. There are however times when one feels frustrated and tired and it is good to get away for awhile to charge batteries and get perspective. Then return with new vigor and purpose. It is faith that helps one see above the negative circumstances. Vision and Purpose gives one direction. Having passion for your cause gives one energy. Encouraging results along the way keep one going and rest helps charge your batteries. Most important of all though is to be led and empowered by the Holy Spirit. The safest place in the world is the centre of God's will.