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So how old is the earth actually?

Is it really possible for us to know what happened in the past regarding the earth, the universe, man, angels, demons, God?

There are many theories and so called scientific explanations about how things started, how long it has taken etc.

In broad strokes there are basically two positions, namely creation vs evolution. There are also some interesting mixes of these two approaches such as what some call "God guided evolution".

Generally speaking those who believe in God tend towards accepting creation (not all do) and those who do not believe in God tend to lean towards evolution. Believing in creation usually means that one would adopt the young earth position which means that the age of the earth is calculated by adding up the generations listed in the bible from Adam till now. By doing this, one will arrive at a number which is in the region of 6000 years.

Carbon dating and various other methods of measuring the age of the universe such as the speed of light refutes the young earth theory, if one can rely on these dating methods as being reliable. Astronomers, geologists and scientists tend to talk about billions of years based on their measurements and elaborate mathematical calculations. Much of which would be based on a hypothesis which may or may not be disproved. 

Although scientific methods generally seek to gather unbiased facts, unfortunately this is not always the case. There are all sorts of external influences such as funding and agendas that often cloud the truth. Selective use of data and suppression of certain facts that do not fit the hypothesis is often the situation.

It has been interesting to follow the "Intelligent Design" proponents. The initial group were some honest scientists and biologists who found that intellectually they could no longer go along with evolution. They make comments such as "if Darwin had had access to an electron microscope and could see what we see today he would never have proposed evolution". The driving force behind evolution is far more than the search for scientific truth. The irreducible complexity of biological systems is in itself sufficient evidence to refute evolution, besides all the other numerous arguments which have a far more scientific basis then those seeking to justify evolution. In fact the only thing that Darwin was really able to prove was that a single species could adapt to changes within its environment over time.

As a believer whose favourite subject at school was science, I have over the past 30 years read many books about the arguments for and against evolution. I have listened to many debates and many talks from both sides. Intellectually I have satisfied myself that evolution as proposed in programs like National Geographic which pretty much reflect the gist of what the evolutionist community believe, are false. Evolution is less about scientific fact and more about a belief system that tries to prove that there is no God. It is possibly the main pillar supporting the secular and atheistic world view and this is why people holding these views become very aggressive in protecting them. They have fought very hard to have creation thrown out of schools and have written text books that brainwash unsuspecting children into believing a lie. The bible is very clear about what will happen to people who do this. It would be better for them to tie a millstone around their necks and cast themselves into the sea, then to mislead any child.

Heavily linked with the evolution theory, is the old universe/old earth theory which states that the universe and the earth are billions of years old. These proponents say that the bible is untrustworthy because it describes a literal creation in 6 days about 6000 years ago.

An observation of geological features such as mountains and valleys can certainly get one wondering about how long it must have taken for the scale of erosion to have taken place that created the Grand Canyon for example. Carbon dating, though in many cases is inaccurate, does have some sort of credibility and it is entirely feasible that the geology of the earth and age of the universe is more than 6000 years. 

So, how do we reconcile these apparent contradictions? The interesting thing is that the bible is actually full of what one could call apparent contradictions. But, when one takes the effort to delve deeper into what is written in the scriptures and with spiritual insight, one discovers that these apparent contradictions are not contradictions at all. It is just often the case that the bible only records very little of the details. If everything was recorded in fine detail we would have thousands of volumes of information. However, some of this supporting information can be found in other documents that are not classified as scripture but are accepted as credible references. Some of these references can be found in a volume called "The Lost Books of the Bible" which include the books of Enoch and many other writings. Though not in the same class as scripture, these references can help fill in a lot of details that are not included in the bible. Furthermore, in these times in which we are living today, many, many people are being taken to heaven and shown things that have never been revealed before. It is true that one should always test new revelation. There is a danger because many cults such as Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Islam and the like have come about through so called new revelations that supersede the bible. The key in testing these revelations is the following: The bible is still our standard of measure and within the pages of the bible, in particular the epistles found in the NT, we have a very clearly spelled out theology of who Jesus is, what his purpose was in coming to the earth. Who the Holy Spirit is and what His purpose is. Who the Father is and what His purpose is. The bible is clear that salvation can only be obtained through accepting the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Any doctrine or revelation that teaches that Jesus did not come in the flesh, that Jesus is not fully God, that Jesus is not the only way to the Father, is a false doctrine and a false revelation. Thus we can be like the Bereans and measure the revelations given against the plumbline of the word of God. Sadly, there are religious people who go overboard on this by superimposing their religious and theological position on top of the scriptures and then call anything that does not fit their view as being a false doctrine. For example, when the Toronto blessing broke out in 1994, there were many strange manifestations and many of the religious watchdogs were saying this was not of God. Even the Vineyard Church denomination rejected it and the Toronto Church got kicked out of the Vineyard movement by John Wimber the founder of the movement. Today we can look back on the Toronto outpouring and can point to some of the most amazing outcomes that have been seen on the planet in terms of the Christian church. One such outcome is Iris Ministries, founded by Heidi and Roland Baker.

Coming back to revelations and people being taken to heaven and shown how things actually occurred. This is now happening daily to thousands around the world and God is bringing correction to erroneous theological views that have developed over the centuries which were already developing in the time of Paul that is why he had to correct Galatians. A lot of bad theology was introduced at the time of Constantine. Even after the reformation Calvin and Luther introduced some erroneous understanding into the church. There is however a lot of what the mainline church teach that is good, but there is a lot which is not and God is giving people revelation of what is wrong and showing what the truth is. One of these areas is about how the universe was created, how the earth was created, how Adam and Eve were created and what the various circumstances were for which the bible does not give us all the details. There are clues and hints, but it is not spelled out clearly, the truth has been hidden for those who really want to know, those who seek will find.

Kat Kerr is one of these people who gets taken to heaven almost on a daily basis. She has been going to heaven for over 15 years, but only in the past two years has God allowed her to start speaking publicly about what He has shown her. If you take the time to listen to Kat Kerr, you will note that she is very emphatic about the fundamental truths taught in scripture. She clearly explains that Jesus is the only way to the Father. That we are saved through faith in Him, which is by grace, a gift of God, not of ourselves. His blood shed for our sins gives us access to heaven. She is not coming with any new doctrines, she is simply expanding on some details not given in the bible - missing bits of information that help us understand the scriptures even more clearly. For example, what happened at the time of creation. God has shown her exactly what happened and how the earth got to be the way it is today. One can search youtube for her videos and hear what God has told her. It is absolutely fascinating and answers so many questions that I have personally wrestled with for the past 31 years since I got saved at the age of 20.

In a nutshell, the so called "Gap Theory" of creation which postulated that there was a time gap between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 is actually very close to what happened. The earth is millions of years old, but Adam was only created 6000 years ago. There was a pre-adamic race. There was also an Ice Age that God brought about on the earth after satan fell which resulted in a lot of the geological features we see today. The continents were originally joined as the Pangea theory suggests. There were angelic beings that had flesh on them who had supernatural abilities and superior knowledge and were sent to the earth to teach mankind. These angels are the ones that fell from their position and had relations with woman and produced the Nephilim or giants that God had to destroy in the flood. To learn more details, the best would be to watch Kat Kerr's videos and read her two books called "Revealing Heaven 1" and Revealing Heaven 2".

Another person who regularly travels to heaven and also is translated across the earth in the spirit in a moment of time is Ian Clayton. He has had many similar revelations to Kat Kerr. One of the most interesting is about the courts of heaven and how these affect what happens on earth. 

Peter Tan is another person who has been to heaven and has written a detailed book about the spirit realm. Dr. Bruce Allen is yet another person to whom this happens and he has written books about it as well.

For those who really want to understand the spirit realm, our future and what is important to be focussing our attention on today, I highly recommend that you seek out the materials produced by these people mentioned above. It is important to understand that what we do whist on this earth effects our eternal position, not only accepting Christ as our saviour, but we are rewarded according to the original mandate that was given to us. There is a plan that has been prepared for each person before they were born. When we die that plan is measured against what we actually achieved in our lives and we are rewarded accordingly. Our adherence and obedience to the plan sets our position in heaven for eternity.  If we do not accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we will be lost for eternity - hell is for real, hell is eternal and those who die in their sins will suffer in hell for eternity. Furthermore, God clearly revealed to Kat Kerr that those who abuse grace believing that "once saved, always saved" and think they can live as they please, are going to be severely shocked when they die. It is possible to have your name blotted from the Lambs book of life as it clearly states in the book of Revelation. Kat has seen people in hell who were once saved and God asked Kat to warn people on the earth that this can happen - you can lose your salvation if you turn your back on God.

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  1. The answer to this question is simple, and found in the bible. The Earth and all creation was created with the appearance of age, like Adam and Eve, who were made in a full grown state, or size, they appeared to be older then what they were, so was the animals, the trees and plants and all the earth. One of the first miracles Jesus preformed, was to turn water into wine at a wedding, wine gets its flavor over time by aging,but Jesus made it instantaneous with the appearance of age, we have learned to do this with diamonds, and crystals etc…